• Rubbin’ Rack

    Attract, Pattern & Harvest Mature Whitetail

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  • Attract Deer "Naturally"

    Simply place a branch in the Rubbin’ Rack

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Maintenance Free
Built Tough to Survive Rut-Crazed Bucks

Attract deer to your stand by creating a licking branch where you need one.

Reusable Year After Year
Made in the USA!

Rubbin’ Rack Attracts Deer Naturally

Allowing you to get the Perfect Shot

Communication, survival, and breeding all depend on a deer’s sense of smell. And that’s where Rubbin’ Rack comes in. By using Rubbin’ Rack along with a licking Attract Deer Today with Rubbin' Rack, made in WIbranch, you’ll be able to create the attraction you need to get the perfect shot you want.

Simply place the correct branches in the proper location, and you’re actually creating a natural presentation that Whitetails will instinctively check again, and again, and again!

“I installed a Rubbin’ Rack in Late Sept. using Hickory, and the deer started using it right away. In early Nov., I was hunting and a 10-point walked to it, started raking the branches, freshened the scrape below, and turned to walk way.  As the deer turned, then paused to walk away, I was able to take a perfect shot and harvest the 10-pointer. The Rubbin’ Rack gave me plenty of time to compose myself, take aim, and place a perfect heart shot on the buck.” ~ John W.

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“Set a Rubbin’ Rack up in early summer to create a year-round, maintenance free, communication station.”

No More Searching for the Perfect Branch – See Rubbin’ Rack in Action


“The Rubbin’ Rack design allowed me to use a large Birch limb for the pole, and a Scotch pine branch for the licking branch. The bucks all loved to rub on the soft Birch, and all deer used the pine branch for leaving their scent.”

“It didn’t matter what shape branch I used. I was able to attach the branch so that at least one limb was hanging down for the deer to lick.”

“It was easy to make a licking branch  I was able to pick a readily available oak branch and position it on the branch holder so that one small limb was hanging down. I mounted the branch holder to the Rubbin’ pole so the tip of the branch was about 5’ off the ground. The deer found the branch right away, and all the deer loved it.”

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