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Rubbin’ Rack Frequently Asked Questions

Rubbin’ Rack

Frequently Asked Questions

Rubbin’ Racks can be installed at any time. If placed correctly, deer will almost immediately begin using them. However, mid to late summer is the best. It will give many deer the opportunity to mark the branch, and it will also give you the opportunity to pattern a buck for an early season opportunity.

Underneath a well used licking branch will be a scrape. During the rut, bucks will actively paw the ground under an active licking branch. The bucks and does will use this scrape to leave their scent. The scent contains their calling card, establishes dominance, and and allows does to communicate to other deer what stage of the estrogen cycle they are at.

A handsaw, battery operated driver drill or screwdriver, and a small sledge hammer if the ground is hard.  If the ground is soft, the Rubbin’ Rack can be pushed into the ground with your feet.

If trees are located close by, about 10-15 minutes is required for installation.

Yes, 10 Phillips head construction screws are included.

If the Rubbin’ Rack is located and constructed properly, a deer will naturally use the branch without the use of scent. After the first deer marks the branch, other deer will be attracted and leave their scent too.  A branch should not require any type of maintenance after installation, because the deer will keep adding scent as they visit and revisit the branch.

Deer will visit and leave their scent year ’round. Most of the year, their activity is barely detectable. In the pre-rut stage and rut stages, a buck will aggressively rake the branch with their horns and also create a scrape under the branch.

Long, soft needled pines are very good for licking branches. There are lots of places for the deer to leave their scent. The needles are soft and the deer may be attracted by the scent of the Pine. Oak, Maple, Hickory and Apple are also effective.

Part of the branch must hang down. A deer wants to put their nose up to place the branch in their mouth, near their eye and by their antlers.

Deer have close to 300 million scent receptors, dogs have 220 million, and humans have 5 million.

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“I hunt over a soybean field which is great for early season hunting. In early October, after the beans were harvested, I needed an attraction. The easily moveable design of the Rubbin’ Rack allowed me to create a licking branch in the harvested beans about 20 yards from my stand. With a limb hanging down, and the deer’s incredible desire to leave their scent, a scrape showed up soon after. I left the branch up for the rest of the season and will remove next spring before planting season.”

Day and Night Videos of Rubbin’ Rack in Use

The videos show a buck using a licking branch to make a scrape. During the rut, they actively paw the ground under the active licking branch.

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